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Global retailers are reporting over 60% reduction in store theft with Veesion Ai real-time theft detection

Simple Ai ‘plugin’ solution for CCTV security systems that automates
theft detection and issues immediate alerts, in real time

Anonymous Ai overlay. Identifies theft as it happens. No facial recognition

How does Veesion work?

Veesion Ai automates theft detection by analysing the existing CCTV security system camera feeds of critical areas within a location, using an anonymous Ai overlay that identifies theft as it happens, in real-time.

Veesion Ai then instantly delivers a notification, with video GIF, of any suspicious activity to the designated store team members via their mobile devices and/or cashier POS screens.

Veesion Ai does not use facial recognition, customer tracking or identity registration.

Veesion Ai activates its service by supplying a ‘plugin’ mini server (with Ai resident) that is simply connected to the existing in-store CCTV security system and designated cameras.


Receive real time alerts when theft or suspicious behaviors are detected by the Veesion Ai

Algorithmic analysis of video footage
Automatically detects suspicious gestures
Sends a video notification in real time
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Significantly reduce your shrinkage.

Join the store owners who are effectively reducing  theft with the Veesion Ai ‘plug-in’


Complement your CCTV system with Veesion to dramatically reduce theft in your store.


Install Veesion in your pharmacy and receive alerts on your POS registers.

Large Retailers

Install Veesion in your cosmetics, DIY, clothing or logistics store.

Our commitments regarding video surveillance

Veesion analytics technology only analyzes gestures, never people

Veesion prohibits any use of the data collected as part of its activities

Artificial intelligence is put at the service of its customers as a decision-making tool

Veesion technology serves the same purpose as existing CCTV systems

Veesion technology is based solely on anonymous algorithmic processing of gestures. The company does not use facial recognition, customer tracking or identity registration.

Our technology does not allow for the recognition of physical or physiological characteristics, the deduction of emotions or intentions of people.

This is one of Veesion’s founding commitments. This commitment protects the identity of all our clients’ consumers.

Thousands of equipped stores and businesses on all continents

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